61 - Bosom Buddies

61 – Bosom Buddies

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Throw on your cheap dresses and dollar store wigs, it’s time to talk BOSOM BUDDIES! The brilliant Ben Shearn returns to discuss the 1980’s TV sitcom. We cover Hanks’ unrelenting charisma, the essential Bosom Buddies episode guide, and the destructive nature of co-dependent friendships. See? It’s all perfectly normal!

The official TomHanksgiving BOSOM BUDDIES Essential Episodes Guide:

S1E01: Pilot

S1E07: Beauty & The Beasts

S1E18: Best Friends

S1E19: Cahoots

S2E01: The Truth & Other Lies

S2E07: All You Need Is Love

S2E08: Other Than That, She’s A Wonderful Person

S2E14: Kip Off The Old Block

S2E15: The Way Kip & Henry Were

S2E18: Not The Last Picture Show

This episode is dedicate to my two favorite Toms: Hanks & Cameron

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Ben’s website: filmbybenjaminshearn.com

NOTE: No fair-weather fans!

LA Times Article on Bosom Buddies Reunion by Greg Braxton:


The Muppet Man:


Thom Cameron – @unfamiliarshapes (IG)

Elvis & Thom’s (and Greg’s!) web series, THE WINDY CITY:


Ben on the Apollo 13 TomHanksgiving:


Thom on The Terminal TomHanksgiving:


Greg on The Man With One Red Shoe TomHanksgiving:


Bachelor Party TomHanksgiving:


Elvis Has Left The Building TomHanksgiving:


A League Of Their Own TomHanksgiving:


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